My 3D showcase - history

In the beginning of 2003 I started with working in 3D, which is making models on the computer. It is quite complicated, but very fascinating. You feel a bit like a god. First there is nothing, and then, by and by, an object comes into existence. And than you can make a "photograph" of the result and you see something which exist in reality or COULD exist in reality.

A lot of things are made that way these days. Many things in movies and television and commercials are created in 3D. Many creature, like the dinosaurs from Jurasic Park, the spaceships and aliens from Star Wars were all born in the computer. These days most movies contain 3D elements.
Of course I'm not good enough to work for the movie industry, but I like to work in the field and one has to start somewhere...
As a matter of fact, mind you that to create a movie hundreds of people work on 3D projects. Each one does only a tiny bit of it, e.g. just make buildings, or just explosions, or just one character.

This history section of my 3D showcase takes you through some the projects I did since I began. Enjoy!

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It started with this little building which I drew years ago on square ruled paper. It was great to see it after all these years in 3D!
It's a remarkable building, but I still feel there's something to do with it.
It's just that I don't know what yet...

In this column you'll find the source of my 3D work. Sometimes my own scribbles, sometimes works from others.

My second project was this little temple. It comes from the books of Jozef Rulof, a Dutch psychic medium. Not overly complicated, but it still was an great kick to make it.
Another temple from the world of Jozef Rulof is this one. It's printed in almost all the books.
The larger picture is taken from an angle more like the drawing next. But I also like this higher view.
I have a lifelong fascination for the works of M.C. Esher. I admire his play with perspective and perception of reality.
So it was time to do something in his vein.
About this time I became interested in so called Boleans, meaning that one form cuts a piece out of another form.
This is the first result of my inquiry.
And then... I kept my breath...
Another fascination I have is with the still sparsly known Dutch painter Theo Vankan. For the same reasons I love Esher: his play with perspective and his creating wonderful worlds. And to my opinion, his work CRIES OUT to be put into 3D!
And so I responded to that call. This is one of the many I made.
Somewhere later I will create special sections on topics like Esher and Vankan.
Paging through the sketches I made while attending the Haagse Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten (The Hague Academy for Arts) I found some interesting images to work with.
Another one from the same source. I like the realistic feel of it, like it was a picture taken at a meadow. Of course the drawing was made in a dull classroom...
At the academy we had to practice in making isometric drawings. That is drawing in 3 dimensions, but without the perspective.
From young age I'm interested in architecture, geometry and perspective. I like to scribble and doodle building-like drawings on the back of envelops. This is such a drawing. I imagine it could exist somewhere in Florence...
One of the dangerous things I did in life was to indulge myself for some time in playing roulette. Together with a friend I tried to find a System (with the help of the computer). Of course we did not succeed. It is saver and healthier to put my love for roulette into the world of 3D.
It felt great to make this.
Oh boy, what a joy! To see this image after over ten years! I imagined this picture in the years I was going to the casino frequently. It was meant to be the cover for a book on roulette. I imagined the playing table as a runway and the chips as flying saucers.
I couldn't get it together, because photographing in the casino is prohibited and my drawing skills are very limited.
And look at this now! Exactly as I wanted it!
When I was a teenager I came across a set of drawings in the Dutch Bres magazine which made a big impressinion on me. This one was the strongest and I scribbled it down.
Which is put in 3D here.

As you maybe can tell, I'm looking in my own work for a special feeling. A feeling of being lost into infinite space. I get this feeling the strongest when I'm working with extreme perspective views. Here's another one, added with the feeling of being trapped.
It feels like in a past life I died imprisoned.

Another variation on the same theme.
Here combined with a touch of vertigo.
Looking for something nice to "3D", I came across this house for the family Richter by the Hungarian Anthroposophic architect Imre Makovecz.
A very pleasing project to work on.
  For the interested ones: I use 3D Studio Max 5 for the modeling on a very modest, 3 year old computer.