My 3D showcase - recent work

For some years now I make 3D models.
I do this for fun, but want to reach out for payed orders.
In order for potential clients to get acqainted with my possibilities, I showcase on this page.
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Have fun!

Every now and then I scribble and doodle architectural ideas. These days I'm also able to actually MAKE them in (virtual) 3 dimensions.
I liked the idea of these large frontals and decided to turn it into a mini mall.
I'm living in a Hofje, an old living-together form, usually with a religious background.
This one was conceived in the early 90's. I've lived there in various apartments since 1993.
Of course I wanted this too "3D-ed". But it's rather complicated and time consuming...
Over time I would like also to incorperate the interior, at least of my own apartment, so I can make a walk-through. This picture shows the frontal apartments.
And here's the back apartments.  
Hofje kompleet

In the front a little building where we can store our bicycle and stuff. There's another shed building more to the back and in the middle a little pond.

Before the actual Hofje was build, several designs were made this is one of them.  
Another Hofje design.  
As mentioned above, I love architecture. This is such a cute little house, I couldn't wait to put it in 3D! I took my time for the details and it looks quite realistic.  
I was reading in one of my favourite comic books, De Valstrik (The time trap) from the Blake and Mortimer series by Edgar P. Jacobs. I started off with this futuristic view on the French city Roche-Guyon. The whole city area is a bit much, so I did the most characteristic piece.  
The cover of the comic book De Valstrik has some elements which I used to create my version of that cover.  
In the comic book De Valstrik a time travel device is used: the Chronoscaaf. Very simple by design, although the cutout to see the interior was a bit tricky.  
Edgar P. Jacobs of course made more comics. I love his mix of fantasy and science fiction.
This picture contains mainly his design for a thunderstorm canon out of S.O.S. Meteoren.
From the same book the atmospheric laboratory. I'm actually quite proud on this image!  
In the seventies I still had the idea to become a comic author. Luckely I noticed my lack of talent myself...
From the science fiction comic Reindert I rendered his spaceship.
Actually it looks much better in 3D than it did on the drawing...!
Another comic of me was about the Ixam people (from a galaxy far, far away...)
Here's the spaceship platform.
From E.P. Jacobs' "Het raadsel van Atlantis" (Atlantis Mystery).  
gd The spaceships from Atlantis.  
d Monorail station with flying spheres from Atlantis.  
ty Poseidonpolis, city of Atlantis.  
kasteel A nice castle  
  For the interested ones: I use 3D Studio Max 5 for the modeling on a very modest, 3 year old computer.